TAITA Oct 19 2017 Seminar- Thoughts on Career & Essential Financial Planning for Working Professionals
Oct 19, 2017


Oct 2017 TAITA Seminar

Topic: Thoughts on Career & Essential Financial Planning for Working Professionals

Speaker: Min-Chieh Ho, PHD (何明潔)

Date: Oct 19th, 2017

Location: ITRI Int’l Inc. 2870 Zanker Road, Suite 140, San Jose, CA 95134

Time: 6:30 pm, Registration & Network (Light dinner provided); 7:00 pm, Program

Cost: $5 for TAITA Members & Students, $10 for non-members

Contact: Kai-Chieh Chang at 412-4275563 or email: kaichieh.e.chang@gmail.com


In efforts of optimizing our assets, we'd need to address several key areas in order to maximize, protect, and properly direct our assets. These areas includes: income protection, capital risk management, liability risk management, income tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning -- these are all important topics within the scope of financial planning.

I'd like to talk about financial planning with a focus on younger families. More specifically, we'll discuss good long-term investment strategies (e.g. specific examples or data that support asset allocation and diversification), different types of insurances and their purposes (e.g. umbrella, life, long-term care, also group vs individual plans), education funding (e.g. 529), and most importantly, living trust (what's its purpose and why it's important for everyone of us).

I'd also share a bit about my personal story -- why I switched career, what I like and don't like about being an insurance agent, and a few lessons learned in this business. Hopefully this can provide some food for thoughts in case you're thinking about career switching as well.


Min-Chieh Ho (何明潔) received her BS from National Taiwan University, and MS & PhD from Stanford University, all in Electrical Engineering. She worked on airborne ultrasonic MEMS transducers in harsh environment for her PhD thesis, from finite element simulation, clean room processes, to device characterization and system design.

As a graduate student, Min-Chieh was always more than 'double-minded'. During her PhD days, she accumulated quite a lot of experiences in house buying, selling, renting, and renovating, to the extend that her friends thought she'd become a real estate agent. At some point in time she also explored the possibility of going into management consulting, and still until today she wants to find time and dive into the world of Chinese Medicine. She also tried out two different insurance companies before settling -- now she is an agent and registered rep with New York Life.

Min-Chieh is also a mom of two crazy boys. And she believes that even though life is already a blessing, tomorrow can always be better (with proper planning) :p.

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