ZGC-Silicon Valley Global Innovation & Future Technology Summit (GIFTs)
Nov 16, 2017

《华美Alliance Event》2017/11/16 中关村硅谷全球未来创新峰会,在北京市和政府和中国科技部的指导下、硅谷40几个最有影响力的机构合作下,35个发言嘉宾的分享下、50多个公司的展示下,在这感恩节之际,我们要给你一份未来的美好蓝图,未来会更好!这将是中国政府在海外举办的最高级别峰会,集ted演讲、企业展区、未来体验馆、招聘会为一体,人工智能、自动驾驶、智慧生活、生命科学等热门领域,从0到1,希望科创界的学习者、研究者、开发者、实践者、领跑者等在这场未来盛宴里不虚此行!报名链接https://zgcgifts.eventbrite.com, 免费参加演讲及招聘环节,输入租户专属code:caspa 即获90% OFF折扣票参加所有环节和简易午餐(原价299)

GIFTs will be a grand gathering of distinguished scientists, industry leaders, and top-tier venture capitalists to exchange ideas from different perspectives, to bridge the resource gap between the U.S. and China, and to create paths for future innovation that can make the world a better place

This is an event for people who are interested in technology innovation, investment, business growth and cross-border corporation between US and China. People in all different industries are welcome!

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Sections :

  • 20 Keynote Speeches in total (AI, VR, Autonomous Car, Smart Future, Life Science, Education, etc)
  • 3 Panel Disscusions in total (Investment)
  • Company exhibition
  • Career Fair and Interview
  • Future experience zone
  • VIP dinner

Some of Our Speakers (35 Speakers in Total, the Full List Will be Updated on http://zgcgifts.com/):

  • Shou-cheng Zhang, JG Jackson and CJ Wood Professor, Stanford University.
  • Pei Jian, Canada Research Chair, ACM/IEEE Fellow.
  • Hao Cheng, Co-founder of Xunlei and Founding Partner of iVision Ventures.
  • Erik Lassila, Managing Partner, Peakview Capital.
  • Alexander Rosen, Managing Director, Ridge Ventures.
  • Matt Murphy, Menlo Ventures.
  • Brian Long, Managing Partner, Atlantic Bridge Ventures.
  • Paul Holland, Foundation Capital.
  • Zhe-nan Bao, Member of National Academy of Engineering; K.K. Lee Professor in Chemical Engineering, Stanford University .
  • James A. Wells, Member of National Academy of Science; Harry Wm. and Diana V. Hind Distinguished Professorship in Pharmaceutical Sciences, UCSF
  • Jan Liphardt, Professor in Biologocial Engineering, Stanford University.

90% off regular tickets as our special Thanksgiving gifts for everyone at limited time!!

Please use code TGGIFTS for regular tickets.

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  • Join us as VIP to get the opportunity to sit with elites from various industries during VIP Dinner and in the VIP Lounge! ALL OF OUR SPEAKERS ARE INVITED TO VIP DINNER!
  • If you are interested in being our sponsor, speaker or exhibitor, please email partner@zgcgifts.com to get more detailed plan.
  • Volunteer Recruiting!

Please send resume to zgctalent@zgccapital.com

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Please indicate if you are available during both 11/15 and 11/16.