UTHF 2017 - The Future After Digital Transformation, AI & IoT
Dec 2, 2017


The North America Engineering and Science Association (NATEA) is proud to sponsor this year's UTHF event. Our topic this year will be AI and its myriad uses, from neurosurgery to Siri.

With the advancement of ubiquitous cloud computing, intelligent robots, IoT, and AI, we are at the beginning of a digital transformation revolution that is fundamentally changing the way we live, work and relate to one another. The U.S. Taiwan High-Tech Forum (UTHF) 2017 event is designed to bring the brightest minds from both the high-tech communities of Taiwan and Silicon Valley to explore whether we are at a turning point of adopting these emerging technology trends in our everyday life?

Come join us for a one-day conference packed with thought leadership speakers and innovative solution providers eager to share their insight on this ever-evolving topic.

Program Agenda

  • Keynote: Emerging Technology Landscape - Anson Kwon, VP of GrowthPoint Technology Partners

  • Enabling the Future of Artificial Intelligence - Dr. Da-Ming Chiang, Solution Architect at Intel

  • Debug and Approve your Deep Learning by Overcoming the Black Box Problem - Dr. Tsvi Achler, MD/Ph.D., CEO of Optimizing Mind

  • 3 Steps to Creating Conversational AI with Everything Around Us - Jack Crawford, CEO of Datalog.ai

  • Conversational Computing, an AI Platform for the Enterprise - Kunal Contractor, Director at Avaamo

  • Convolutional Neural Network Optimization: The Key to AI/Computer Vision Advancement - Dr. Shao-Yi Chien, Professor at NTU
  • How Augmented/Mixed Reality Will Transform The Real-World Applications for AI - Avegant

  • Raffle

More Information

For more information please visit our website at http://uthf.org/

For Program Guide Book, please click here.

Event Organizers

Conference Co-chairs: Yao-Hung Yang, Tom Yeh

Program Co-chairs: Jesse Shiah, Yen-Kuang Chen, Rockwell Hsu

NATEA-SV President: Joe Chou


Jesse Shiah (jesse.shiah@agilepoint.com)

Yao-Hung Yang (honyang@gmail.com)

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