Advances in Healthcare Sensor Technologies and Applications
Feb 27, 2018

Moderator: Jake Chuang, Engineering and Product Management, NeuroSky

Speaker #1: Saeed (Sam) Azimi, Ph.D., CEO, DynoSense

"Advances in health through technologies that change behavior to positively shape the human condition"

DynoSense provides life-enhancing products and services through an accurate, secure, and simple to use AI Powered Data Analytics platform. The solution will effectively engage individuals to optimally improve their health, make a smarter decision for better healthy life, as well as reducing the risk of life-threatening conditions. Empower, inspire individuals to take control of their health in collaboration with their care experts and care friends.

Speaker #2: Eric Howie, CEO, Life Detection Technologies

"Evolution of Monitoring Technology into Hyperdrive"

Life Detection Systems is a biometric monitoring company that utilizes technology to detect life’s electrical signals from remote locations. The bio-metric monitoring technologies can capture heart and respiration rates with no user contact using sensors that can be integrated into an ASIC, electrically conducted thread woven into fabric or anything in between, enabling parents to remotely access their child's health conditions. The core technology is a high-fidelity heart and respiration signal sensor system that senses changes in the bulk permittivity of a user’s body and convers that change into clear usable data from a distance with absolutely no contact with the user. It can bring revolutionary impact to verticals that desire to know 1) presence of a body and/or 2) the critical health information of that body. The technology enables complete transformation across a broad range of industries including healthcare, infant and elder monitoring, automotive and home security.

Saeed (sam) Azimi, Ph.D., CEO, DynoSense


Mr. Saeed (Sam) Azimi has over 27 years of technology engineering, management and business development experience. He is Founder, CEO and President of DynoSense Corp. He is also a prolific technology inventor with over 40+ granted patents.

Prior to Dynosense, he was CEO/President of Vital Connect Inc. (2010-2012), a developer of medical patch technology, a Electrocardiogram sensor for 24/7 heart monitoring. He grew the organization to a team of 30+ that included technologists and medical researchers to investigate advance medical breakthrough technologies such as hydration, blood oxygen and glucose monitoring from upper torso area, all using a small 3″ wide medical patch. Completed two rounds of financing for $13.5M, put in place process for medical (FDA/CE) certifications and generated 15 plus technology patents for the company.

As founding Vice-President of System-On-Chip (SOC) organization at Marvell Semiconductor Inc from startup period to Top 10 Semiconductor Ranking (1997-2008), had responsibility for Storage Product Group that grew to include three separate divisions. He built the organization from ground zero (no employee or products) in less than 8 years to staff of over 500 employed across global cities in US and Asia. Total revenue of Storage SOC Group exceeded $1.5 Billion by 2008 and achieved #1 supplier ranking in 8 years with shipment of over one billion SOCs. During that period [NASDAQ: MRVL] grew from 40+ employee startup to a public company with over $8Billion in market capitalization.

Prior to Marvell, Mr. Azimi held various engineering and management roles at GEC Plessey, Hitachi, and startup companies Zycad and Acceleron. He is an active member of various professional organizations. He holds a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) from University of Missouri-Rolla.

Mr. Eric Howie:

Eric Howie is an experienced executive in the wealth management industry, where he has used his entrepreneurial skills to start and build companies. The idea for Life Detection Technologies came to me when, as a new parent, he found himself frustrated with the inadequacy of the baby monitoring systems available on the market, and recognized the revolutionary potential that a passive, remote monitoring system would have, both in the infant monitoring space and beyond.

Life Detection Technologies is kicking the evolution of monitoring technology into hyperdrive. Their patented and patent pending sensor detects changes in the human body—including heart and lung activity—without ever having to come in contact with the person it’s monitoring. 
Their technology can readily be integrated into baby monitors, automotive seats, hospital/care facility settings, automobile seats (driver drowsiness detection, passenger positioning and passenger left behind) or into the bed sheets of individuals with chronic disease.
As the Founder and CEO he is responsible for laying the strategic and technical groundwork that will launch DistaSense into the stratosphere of monitoring technology in the coming years.