Taiwan’s Science Parks Investment Promotion & Marketing Conference
Sep 7, 2018

Taiwan’s science parks combine R&D, production, working, living, and recreational facilities into life-style oriented communities. As magnets for high-tech industries and talent, the science parks are high-tech industrial bases that balance regional development and boost Taiwan’s global competitiveness. 

The Hsinchu Science Park has been the headquarter of Taiwan’s IT industry. Since Taiwan’s biotechnology industry has officially entered the growth stage, the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park under the management of Hsinchu Science Park Bureau has successfully attracted the presence of biomedical startups. The Central Taiwan Science Park has always been the home of precision machinery manufacture in Taiwan. Currently, in addition to the semiconductor and optoelectronics industries, the Park has been developing the smart manufacturing industry. The Southern Taiwan Science Park has both a comprehensive optoelectronics cluster and the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturing cluster. Furthermore, there is a medical device cluster specializing in dentistry and orthopedics. At the same time, it is also the development base for AI robots in Taiwan. The three core science parks in Taiwan have all demonstrated the clustering effect, by gradually developing an interconnected economic ecosystem, and by cultivating more talent of industry.

Welcome to Taiwan’s Science Parks Investment Promotion & Marketing Conference that will be held on September 7th in Santa Clara (Silicon Valley) and September 13th in Boston. Through the investment conferences, potential investors will understand more about the industrial clusters in Taiwan’s science parks.

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