AI Frontiers Conference 2018
Nov 9, 2018

The all star line-up AI Frontiers Conference 2018 is coming on Nov 9~11. Join us at AI Frontiers Conference ( at San Jose Convention Center. We have leading AI researchers from Stanford University, UC Berkeley, AI giants including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and AI rising stars like OpenAI, Uber, and DJI. This year, the keynote speaker is Ilya Sutskever, one of the most influential figures in the AI space.

11 AI Domain Topics: Computer vision, Robots, Natural language processing, Drones, Deep learning breakthrough, AI in finance, AI in enterprise, AI in security, AI in games, etc.

  • Jay Yagnik (VP@Google AI)
  • Kai-Fu Lee (CEO@Sinovation Ventures)
  • Percy Liang (Assistant Professor@Stanford University)
  • Pieter Abbeel (Professor@UC Berkeley)
  • Matt Feiszli (Research Manager@Facebook)
  • Quoc Le (Research Scientist@Google Brain)
  • Mario Munich (SVP @iRobot)
  • Li Deng (Chief AI Officer@Citadel)
  • Ashok Srivastava (Chief Data Officer@Intuit)
Previous Speakers: Jeff Dean, Andrew Ng, Xuedong Huang, etc.

Startup demos with VCs from: Greylock, GGV Capital and Microsoft Ventures, and more.

Training Day includes:
Deep learning in TensorFlow by Google team,
Sequence to Sequence learning by Google Brain scientist,
Natural Language Understanding by chief scientist,
NLP for beginners and Autonomous Driving by Udacity instructors.

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