SEMI High Tech U Program 高中生赴美学习实践项目,名额有限,欲报从速
Jul 9, 2019

SEMI High Tech U是英才计划的主要活动之一,与SEMICON West同期举行,是为期三天的赴美学习实践项目,让高中生从实践中认知高科技产业职位的工作内容和方式。行业志愿者会引导学生们将科学、工程、技术和数学(STEM)技能应用到实践活动中。

Our High Tech U (HTU) is a three-day program for high school students who want to know more about careers in the tech industry. 

  • The connection of STEM to real world applications - the more STEM courses completed, the more prepared you will be for a future in technology. 

  • HTU is taught by industry professionals, who will share their views on career opportunities.

  • Your skills and how to best take advantage of them when setting goals for your future. 

  • Social and business skills are as important as technical skills.

  • Success and confidence are within you.

  • College opportunities and more. 

  • HTU is not training for a job, but knowledge for a career.

Having fun, working in teams and learning by doing are all part of the HTU experience. At HTU you will:

  • launch hacky sacks using Statapults to determine how statistics are important in quality control decisions

  • apply your feet in a unique HTU activity and become the inside of a calculator

  • work in teams, solving real-world problems in third-world countries

  • tour the show floor and get to see what is coming next in semiconductor tech

Date:  8:30 am-4:00 pm, July 9-11, 2019

On Thursday a graduation ceremony and reception will begin at 2:35 pm, followed by a reception. Parents, family members and friends are invited.

Place: SEMICON West @ Moscone Convention Center, 747 Howard Street, San Francisco

SEMI China Lily Feng

Tel+86-21-6027 8500

SEMI China Vinson Gu

Tel+86-21-6027 7650

SEMI China Lucia Zhu

Tel+86-21-6027 7632


  • We offer free entrance for High Tech U program. Food is provided each day.


  • Please arrange your own round-trip airplane tickets and accomadation.


  • English Speaking is a must. 


  • Guardians accompany students to U.S.A is required.


  • High school students only.


  • Limited Seat, conditional admission.


  • Available for the AI Forum held by SEMI on July 13.

    如有意愿,可参加7月13日SEMI在硅谷举办的 AI 主题论坛。