CASPA 2017 Summer Symposium: continuing education-best path for career development
Jul 7, 2017

You own your employability. Technology is developing at a fast pace and so are the new skills required in the job market. Continuous learning is best path for career development. Participating in continuing education is becoming more popular and there are many options. CASPA and Intel ACI bring you a symposium with many continuing education options presented by local universities such as Stanford, SCU, USF, UCSC, and SJSU, as well as a panel discussion with professionals who benefited from continuing education. Learn from them how to take initiatives and how to balance work and school. “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” ― Malcolm X. Join us to get educated in continuing education to improve your career!

你的就業能力靠你自己負責。科技在快速發展,職場所需的新技能也是如此。持續學習是職業發展的最佳途徑。繼續教育越來越受歡迎而且有很多選擇。華美半導體協會在7月8日週六Intel總部主辦一個專注於繼續教育的分享會,邀請許多本地大學提供他們繼續教育方案的資訊,以及邀請一些受益於繼續教育的成功人士來分享及討論他們如何主動採取行動去學習及如何平衡工作和學業。“教育是我們進入未來的護照,因為明天屬於今天就準備的人。” - Malcolm X。 加入我們來了解繼續教育去改善你的職業生涯!

Venue: Intel SC 9 Auditorium, 2250 Juliette Ln, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Date: Saturday, July 8, 2017, 1pm – 5pm.


12:00 – 1:00pm     Registration & Networking


1:00 – 1:05pm       Symposium Opening Remarks

Yang Zhang, MC of the event; Executive Director of Publication, CASPA


1:05 – 1:15pm       Welcome from CASPA President

James Lei, Ph.D., President, CASPA


1:15 – 1:40pm       Continuing Education – Best Path for Career Development

                                        Stanford University Continuing Studies Program Introduction 

Kern Peng, Ph.D., Executive Director of Symposium, CASPA;

Career Advisor, Intel Career Advisor Network


1:40 – 2:05pm        University of San Francisco Graduate Program Introduction

Aija Gamburg, Associate Director of Graduate Admissions, University of San Francisco School of Management


2:05 – 2:30pm        Santa Clara University Graduate Program Introduction

Frank Barone, Chair, Engineering Management, Santa Clara University School of Engineering


2:30 – 2:55pm        University of California Santa Cruz Program Introduction

Therese Ammiro, Director, Business Communications, UCSC Silicon Valley Extension


2:55 – 3:05pm        Break


3:05 – 3:30pm        San Jose State University Program Introduction

Alan Wong, Ph.D., Director of Business Development and External Relations, San Jose State University


3:30 – 3:55pm        University of Pennsylvania Warton School Program Introduction

Bernadette Birt,


3:55 – 4:55pm        Panel Discussion: Balancing Work, Life, and School

Moderator: Dr. Connie Miao

Panelists: Nitu Parimi, Sr. Director, Global Cloud PMO, Oracle Corporation

                    Dr. Keita Broadwater, CFO and Board Member, PV Tech Inc

                    Abby Shen, PM Manager, Quadrant

                    Tiffany Chu, Sr. Investor Relations Manager, Intel Corporation


4:55 – 5:00pm        Closing Remark and Prize Drawing