CASPA/CIE Education Day
Sep 10, 2017

This event is designed for grade 5+ students and their parents.  One ticket per person regardless of age.  



1:00 ~ 1:30 registration and networking
1:30 ~ 1:35 CASPA introduction
1:35 ~ 1:40 CIE introduction
1:40 ~ 2:00 Keynote #1 session "Youth Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities in Local Government" by Assembly-member Kansen Chu

2:00 ~ 2:20 Keynote #2 session "Connecting with Your Youth" by Rick Maloon, M.ed, principal of Miramonte Christian School

2:20 ~ 2:25 5 minutes break

2:25 ~ 3:40 AMC/AIME level math competition problem coaching session, by Dr. Kevin Wang, Academic Director and Head Coach at Areteem Institute, home of Math Zoom and ZIML Competition

3:40-3:45 : Award Ceremony -- One class of your choice (valued up to $370) given to top competitors in AMC8/AMC10/AMC12 level online competition (link will be emailed on 9/7/2017) 

3:45 ~ 4:45pm American History coaching session & how to participate in American History competition, by Steven Wang, Founder of Bay Area Community American History Club

Free Parking & Free Ice Cream

Register Link


Online math competition site:
Registration code: caspacie91017
In order to enroll math competition, you must register on this site and take 1-hour competition exam by 9/10/2017 12:00pm.

There are three levels students can compete in for this contest:
* Division M: Open to elementary and middle school students. This exam is roughly the same difficulty as an AMC 8 competition.
* Division JV: Open to middle and high school students. This exam is roughly the same difficulty as an AMC 10 competition.
* Division V: Open to high school students. This exam is roughly the same difficulty as an AMC 12 competition.

Each exam is one hour long and contains 20 questions. The answers to all the questions are numerical. That is, every answer should be either an integer or a decimal. Students are only allowed to take an exam once.
The exams open at 12:00 AM September 7th and close at 12:00 PM Sunday September 10th.
No calculators are allowed! Students performing arithmetic correctly and efficiently is part of the contest.
Each account should be tied to one student. Families should create one account for each of their students who will be participating.
Awards for each division will be given at the CASPA/CIE Education Day event on Sunday September 10th. You must be present to win an award.

Good news : All attendees will have a chance to win 2-yr access to wordly wise 3000 online membership.  (1 out of 4 attendees will be winners.)
Pick "CASPA CIE Education Day" as school name.
Trial User names are : two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, or twelve
Password : caspacie