Accelerating in Artificial Intelligence (CASPA 2018 Annual Conference & Dinner Banquet)
Oct 13, 2018

CASPA 2018 Annual Conference and Dinner Banquet

    AI^2-Accelerating in Artificial Intelligence

Date: Oct. 13,2018

Time: 9:00am to 9:30pm

Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center

Limited Early Bird Free Tickets!




Startup Company Enrollment Request
 Our startup pitch offers startups a free opportunity to pitch their venture for instant inputs from fellow entrepreneurs. Join us to talkabout your great product that will change the world! 
If you are interested in pitching, showcase your product andnetwork with 500+ Silicon Valley Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Investors,please select the ticket "startup company enrollment". This is onlyan enrollment request and subject to review. We will notify you if it is accepted. Display table and pitch time are also subject to availability. 

ACDB Sponsorship Program
CASPA is accepting sponsorship for 2018 Annual Conference and Dinner Banquet. Depending on the sponsorship level, the sponsors may have display table in annual conference, receive free tickets for dinner banquet, post advertisement in ACDB proceeding and CASPA's yearbook, enjoy corporate sponsor benefits such as speaking in CASPA events, receiving discounts to join CASPA job fair and attending CASPA corporate sponsor mixer, etc. For inquiries about detailed information, please email to