2018 CASPA Career Talk and Job Fair - setting your career milestone

CASPA 2018 High Tech Job Fair and Career Talk


May 5, 2018

By Feijun Zheng, BOV, CASPA


CASPA hosted the 2018 High Tech Job Fair and Career Talk event on Saturday, May 5, 2018 from 9:30 am to 3 pm at Crowne Plaza San Jose- Silicon Valley. It attracts over 500 job seeker attendance with a series of wonderful and informative career talk, and a well-organized job fair exhibition with hundreds of open positions!


20 hiring companies attended this year’s job fair, including Intel, TSMC, ARM, SITRI, Achronix, ITRI, Shenzhen Skyverse Ltd, BOE, HYGON, C-SKY, SDC, OmniDesign, Hefei Semi Industry, Hefei C.F. MicroElec Equip, Mattson Tech, OSRAM Opto Semi, Tektronix, Faraday, GLORIA-SEMICON etc.  Most of them are also CASPA corporate sponsors. These hiring companies provide more than 100 positions for job seekers at various levels, from Vice president/CTO, technical and marketing/sales managers/directors, system architects, circuit designers, FAEs, layout engineers, process engineers etc.


This high-tech job fair offered an incomparable face to face communication opportunity for both job seekers and hiring companies. Most of hiring companies were invited to give a brief introduction about their companies and answered questions from the audiences. Some companies invited their hiring managers to the job fair. If the appropriate applicants were found, they could be interviewed by these hiring managers directly at a separate room.  A lot of applicants also take advantage of the on-site opportunities to meet with the hiring managers. These hiring companies corrected more than 20 resumes on average, and some candidates have got their offer letters in the past 2 weeks.


To help the job seekers with their job hunting and career planning, a career talk session was offered by five experienced career coaches. The topics of the talks are listed as follows: “Get ahead in Silicon Valley-be a leader, not a Doer” (By Ron Yu from ExecCatalyst), “Build your career confidence for the future marketplace” (By Dr. Kailin Wang from Integral Talent Systems), “Powerful preparation for a fearless interview”(By Marcia Davis-Cannon), “Job search myths you should stop believing” (By Dr. Tom Zhang) and “Boost your career with AI and machine learning” (By Dr Keita Broadwater). Most of career talk videos will be posted on CASPA YouTube channel later.


Brandon Wang is the President of 2018 CASPA organization and Mingyu Qu’s the Chair of this year’s Job Fair, they expressed deep gratitude on behalf of CASA and Job Fair Committees to all the hiring companies, honored career coaches, volunteers and attending job seeks. Some job fair committee members and volunteer are Mingyu Qu, Brandon Wang, Rong Bao, Fei Yin, Jin Wang, Ge Wang, Feijun Zheng, Yang Zhang, Yanbin Wang, Tina Zhang, Albert Yian, Xiaodong Zhang, Danny Hua, Jasmine Tsai, Song Xue, Haoyan Zu, Shanshan Yang…..Many of other CAPSA board members and volunteers also helped throughout the event for different functions.


CASPA is proud to organize its 2018 Job Fair and Career Talk as it delivered fruitful results to the communities, including the hiring companies and job seekers. This job fair helped companies acquire potential talents to join their work force to grow their business. It also offers job applicants a great opportunity to find rewarding jobs and get career advices from experienced career coaches. CASPA would thank its corporate sponsors, all participating companies, and all the attendees for their great support. It would also like to greatly thank each member of its 2018 Job Fair Team and all the Board members, volunteers of CASPA for their hard work and dedication. 

OSRAM is looking for
OSRAM Job openings
  US May 5, 2018
Shenzhen Skyverse Limited (深圳中科飞测科技有限公司) is looking for
Skyverse Job Openings
  Shenzhen, Beijing May 5, 2018
Intel is looking for
Intel Job Openings
  US May 5, 2018
合肥市半导体行业协会 is looking for
Hefei Semiconductor Industry Association Job Openings
  China May 5, 2018
SIPO (Smart Electronics Industry Project Promotion Office) is looking for
SIPO Job Openings
  Taiwan May 5, 2018
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  杭州 May 5, 2018
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  San Jose May 5, 2018
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  US May 5, 2018
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  San Francisco, CA May 5, 2018
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  Santa Clara, CA May 5, 2018