BOE Job Openings
May 5, 2018 BOE Technology Group,   Santa Clara, CA


About BOE Technology Group

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., founded in April 1993, is a supplier of internet of things technologies, products and services. BOE’s three core businesses are Display Device, Smart System and Healthcare Service. BOE’s products are widely used in a broad spectrum of applications such as mobile phone, tablet, notebook, monitor, TV, vehicle display, digital information display, healthcare, finance, and wearable devices.

BOE sticks to the innovation concept of "Technology Leadership First-global-launch Products, Value Co-creation". BOE’s First-global-launch products coverage exceeds 39%, and its yearly new-patent applications amounted to 6156 in 2015. BOE has over 40000 usable patents, ranking No.1 globally in the industry. BOE ranks No.1 in terms of market share of panels for mobile phone and tablet.

At present, BOE has 7 production lines in operation, including a Gen 5 TFT-LCD line and a Gen 8.5 TFT-LCD line in Beijing, a Gen 4.5 TFT-LCD line in Chengdu, a Gen 6 TFT-LCD line and a Gen 8.5 TFT-LCD line in Hefei, a Gen 5.5 AMOLED line in Ordos, and a Gen 8.5 TFT-LCD line in Chongqing. There is another Gen 6 AMOLED line in Chengdu, a Gen 8.5 TFT-LCD line under construction in Fuzhou and the world's highest generation line Hefei Gen 10.5 TFT-LCD line under construction.

BOE has manufacturing bases located in Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu of Sichuan Province, Hefei of Anhui Province, Ordos of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Gu’an of Hebei Province, Suzhou of Jiangsu Province and Xiamen of Fujian Province. BOE also boasts a global marketing and service network, which covers the world's major areas including Europe, America and Asia.



BOE Technology America, Inc. founded in May 2012, is now becoming the vanguard troops of strategic customers development in North-America, the forefront field of product and technology innovations, and the practice base of global expertise training, for entire BOE Group.

So far, BOE America has cultivated a cluster of strategic customers including the largest technology company in Silicon Valley, who enrolled BOE as a Chinese display supplier for the first time. At the same time, BOE America has provided better services to the existing customers for the win-win growth. In Nov 2015, BOE America opened its first liaison office in Houston Texas for the organic expansion.

In Jan 2014, BOE America built up Innovation Investment Center, dedicated to searching and evaluating the advanced and disruptive technologies and applications, which could benefit to BOE’s future directions beyond display. Until now, the team has made great effort and contribution on BOE’s strategic innovative investments to several remarkable cases successfully in Silicon Valley.

In the past years, BOE America grows from single-man office to more than 10 employees by far, half of whom has qualified for the doctor’s degree educationally. Today, BOE America is keeping receiving head-quarter’s dispatchers for the global talents training, as well as recruiting local capable talents for the business growth.


Investment Project Manager


·       Investment project sourcing and analysis on the domains of Intelligent Hardware, Artificial-intelligence or Big Data.

·       Organizing and implementing Project Due Diligence and Project Feasibility Analysis.

·       Coordinate with external financial, legal and IP professionals service team;

·       Participate in relevant sector meetings and investigate scientific progress in research institute.

Location: Santa Clara, CA


 FAE Manager


·       Understand the customer’s needs and requirements to guide internal team to deliver high quality products

·       Technical communication between customers and internal team

·       Leading the review of new product development in technology and process perspective, induce the best solution during design-in stage

·       Technical support during development period to qualify in time, and lead cross-functional teams to solve issues during qualification period

·       Technical support during post-ramp and sustaining period

·       Perform research on customer status to support business strategy

  • Other tasks assigned for the purpose of contributing to business goals
  • Support a protocol service for customer (internal/external)

Location: Santa Clara, CA


Sales Manager


  • Research the market and customer, create & define the right strategy, and execute the plan.
  • Becoming the primary point of contact for the customer and identifying new biz opportunity and successfully enable to actual biz.
  • Review specific program requirements, and lead the design-in stage of program development with cross functional team.
  • Define the project plan/schedule and organize internal resources with cross-functional teams, and manage actual project execution
  • Manage & execute sales processes such as pricing strategy, schedule, design in, forecasting, sales planning, daily operation etc.
  • Effectively and consistently communicate overall program status and deliver executive communication/presentations and drive the decision-making process.
  • Support a protocol service for customer (internal/external).

Location: Santa Clara, CA