GPU System Engineer
Feb 25, 2019 HiSilicon (海思),   Beijing, Shanghai

Key Responsibilities 

• Responsible for SOC heterogeneous architecture, focusing on GPU performance and power modeling and analysis, compromising the functions among CPU/GPU/NPU/DSP.

• Research on GPU micro architecture and develop new techniques for improving power, performance.

• Deliver new technology or methodology to improve GPU/CPU/NPU/DSP cooperation efficiency at physical implementation level.

• Work with SoC team to complete all GPU's system level integration analysis and design including work flow,interface define,storage and interconnection,low power strategy and testing methodology;

Person Specification 

• PhD degree in EE/CE  

• ASIC design experience, and related experience working with mobile programmable graphics hardware design.

• Expertise in state of the art mobile programmable graphics and computing architecture and compiler technology.

• Familiarity with graphics/compute vision standard APIs (OpenGL、OpenGL ES、OpenCL、Vulkan、OpenVX、etc)

• Familiarity with Android graphics system architecture and work flow from application level to kernel level.

• Deep understanding on software and algorithm development using GPU, for example, 3D games、virtual reality、image processing、artificial intelligence、etc.

• Strong skills in SOC low power analysis, methodology, work flow, and design.

• Strong skills in GPU performance modeling and analysis.