Security System Engineer
Feb 25, 2019 HiSilicon (海思),   Beijing, Shanghai

Key Responsibilities 

• Responsible for SOC Security architecture, focusing on SOC IP such as CPU/sys Cache/MMU/Bus security analyse  

• Research on SOC security architecture and develop new techniques for improving mobile platform’s security.

• Work with SoC team and deliver new technology to improve ID authentication and user privacy protection related SOC design security.

• Deliver cryptology technology related to mobile phone SOC use case with high efficiency and low power

Person Specification 

• PhD degree in EE/CE/CS • Expertise in state of the art mobile SOC security architecture and Trustzone technology.

• Familiarity with cryptology algorithm such as AES、DES/3DES、SHA、RSA,key establishment and management  

• Familiarity with software system security framework.

• Familiarity with SOC IP such as CP/GPU/SYS Cache/MMU