3D NAND Advanced Module Process Development Manager
Jul 10, 2019 旺宏電子 Macronix International,   Hsinchu, Taiwan

1. Lithography: Experience with lithography simulation software and application to state of art high resolution imaging.
2. Etch: Strong understanding in principles of plasma dry etch processing, and wet processing and/or chemistry experience in 3D Memory.
3. Thin Film: Experience in a variety of thin film deposition techniques, particularly LPCVD/PECVD/ALD/PEALD, PVD, Tungsten and Copper.
4. Diffusion: Experience in a variety of Diffusion deposition/oxidation techniques, particularly Diffusion Furnace/Plasma treatment/IPD (ONO) engineering/Polysilicon engineering/Nitride charge trapping/ALD and wet etch/clean.
5. CMP: To design, optimize and characterize dielectric and conductive CMP process needed for successful integration processes in 3D Memory.

0. 10 years of experience in semiconductor  process development is desired
1. Fundamentals and roles in all processing steps of forming 3D memory devices, peripheral devices and their IC circuit. 
2. Strong understanding of surface and analytical characterization techniques such as SEM, TEM, CDSEM, XPS, AFM, XRD, AES, EBSD, SIMS etc.
3. Deep understanding of various dielectric /electrical evaluation methods and techniques such as leakage, breakdown, resistance, on current, etc.
4. Experience and/or in-depth knowledge of process ownership and development.
5. Interact and collaborate with integration engineers to develop robust unit process and related module as well as transfer the process to  production fab.
6. Excellent verbal and written communication skill.
7. Ten years of experience in semiconductor  process development is desired.
8. Must have technical expertise within semiconductor processing engineering .preferably in 3D Memory process development for leading edge technology.
9. M.S. or PhD in Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemistry or related discipline is required.

Corporate Website: http://www.macronix.com/en-us/about/Pages/company-overview.aspx
For submitting the resume, please send it to: tiff_liang@itri.org.tw;a989102@itri.org.tw;serena_lee@itri.org.tw.