NAND Flash Process Module Engineer
Jul 10, 2019 華邦電子 Winbond Electronics Corp.,   Taichung, Taiwan

NAND Flash technology development
1. Hot Process (Furnace & RTP), LPCVD, ALD, Wet for advance NOR, 2xnm beyond NAND flash development. 
2. NAND Flash W gate & Air-Gap development.
3. The research experience of CoSi/NiSi material.
4. CVD gap fill and step coverage process control.
5. RRAM TMO new material development.

1. With NAND Flash 20nm or 1Xnm process development experience, and at least 10-year of module process development experiences.
2. With strong hands-on experience in silicon fabrication processes: etching or diffusion.

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