Senior Digital IC Design Engineer
Jul 10, 2019 瑞昱半導體 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.,   Hsinchu , Taiwan

1. Verilog RTL design implementation
2. SoC System FPGA verification and debug
3. Synthesis, LEC, STA, DFT, and SoC integration
4. This includes but not limited to, logic design, RTL coding, test bench writing, RTL/gate-level simulation/verification and code coverage

0. 5+ years working experience.
1. MS Degree or above in EE or Computer Engineering.
2. Good knowledge on digital VLSI design.
3. Good knowledge and experience on Verilog RTL design, Verilog simulation, logic synthesis, STA, LEC and FPGA verification.
4. Familiar with HDL design and SoC system structure.
5. Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
6. Good verbal and communication skills.

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