Jul 14, 2020 LeapFive,   Shenzhen, China

About LeapFive

LeapFive was founded by 3 main sponsors, StarFive, Galanz and Henderson chairman in early 2020. From the beginning, LeapFive was established with the vision to deliver RISC-V based AIOT SOC and key components for smart home and MFG/industrial verticals. In addition, LeapFive gains great support from local government to accelerate R&D and chip design investment.

The core leadership team of LeapFive are from the top tier companies such as Google, Cisco, FiberHome, JDI, Huawei etc. with many years in chip design, AI, embedded software, cloud and AI space. RISC-V founders and leaders are also our advisors. We are ready to begin our sail and aim high to become industry leader, and we are looking for talents who are passionate to starting from 0, creating success and breakthroughs together with the company.

Main duty and responsibility:

Setting strategy and directions:

  • Ensures that the organization's leadership maintains a constant awareness of both the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customer base, markets, new industry developments and standards, and so forth.
  • Creating, communicating, and implementing the organization’s vision, mission, strategy and overall direction.
  • Setting up long term & short term goals for the organization, and optimize accordingly whenever needed in line with real operation challenges.
  • Oversees the organization & manage operations in compliance with the law & regulations 

Building and managing the leadership team:

  • Creating a culture of openness and transparency and a team of leaders.
  • Hire and build high caliber leadership team and manage non-performers.
  • Resolve differences between senior team members, and keep them working together in a united direction.  

Managing, influencing and balancing between different stakeholders:

  • Aligning and keeping the board updated on the company strategy and focus, operation status. Strategically influencing the board, and balancing needs between different stakeholders.
  • Representing the organization when interfacing with media, government officers & other public events
  • Driving the BD and partnership with external stakeholders, such as investors and R&D strategic partners
  • Familiar with the company fund raising process and can help the company driving through to the IPO stage 

Skills & experiences Required

  • Start-up experiences of chip design business is preferred, involving creating something from zero and going through the whole business development cycle. Entrepreneurship, passionate and flexible to navigate through changes and uncertainty.
  • Clear logic thinking and system thinking, with extremely strong sensitivity of semi-conductor business, and its trend in the future. As top leader in the management chain in the company, create leaders with followers.
  • Connections and strong relations with key players, upstream and downstream players in the industry.
  • A technical savviness on Semiconductor, B2B Sales, IT Sales, Engineering Services Sales experiences.
  • 15+ years of Business development experience in chip design services with solid connections with key players in the industry.
  • General understanding of chip design, IOT platform technology and systematic understanding of chip architecture, test, validation, related hardware and software etc.

Education Qualification of a CEO

  • Master degree in engineering, math, science or related field, MBA desirable.


Shenzhen, China (with a US office in Milpitas, CA)

Contact Person:

Chloe Ma