Chairman's Words

Corporate Sponsors, CASPA Members, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen:  

This year, it is not only the 27th year of CASPA but also the 60-year anniversary of the first prototype integrated circuits by TI.  What proud milestones for both!!  

In the sixties, semiconductor made its way to test and office equipments, and became  an industry of its own. The success of this industry led Gordon Moore to make his famous observation, later known as “the Moore’s Law”, that transistor density doubles every 18 months.  Today, Moore’s law still drives technological innovations throughout the semiconductor industry.  

While 7nm node process is impressively already in mass production, Semiconductor products have become so basic and pervasive that they are almost like air and sunlight, affecting everyone’s daily life so naturally that you  nearly can’t function without them. Indeed Semiconductors help make our lives fun and comfortable.  They form the very backbone of all consumer electronics, social media, AI, AR/VR, IoT, and so on.  

For CASPA, our mission and passion is to promote Semiconductor industries and to contribute to our corporate sponsors and members.  

So, In the future, during my term as the next President,  CASPA will accomplish and enhance the following 6 items:  

1. Symposiums: we will Invite outstanding speakers and scholars  to give local community the latest technology updates and new technology introductions (such as AI trends in today’s conference). 

2. Tutorials: Work with our sponsor companies to host special hardware tutorial sessions. 

3. Leadership training: Invite company senior executives to share their ways of excellences through round table discussions for our young entrepreneurs. 

4. Startups: We will help semiconductor related startups to find business opportunities for VCs and customers  

5. Members: CASPA will organize technology, soft-skill, litigation, Immigration, and tax laws update seminars. 

6. Jobfair: CASPA will continue its proud tradition to host face-to-face high tech jobfair with job search and career related softskill seminars.  

Lastly, We will try our best to keep  these events free or very low cost for everyone.  

Ladies and gentlemen, by working together, we will make history for the next new waves of semiconductor and in serving our corporate sponsors  to promote and to educate technology to our member community for our future, mutual and common good.   

Thank you and GO CASPA!

Danny Hua, President and Chairman, CASPA