CASPA 2012 Student Achievement & Scholarship Award
Aug 29, 2012


 CASPA 2012 Student Achievement & Scholarship Award



The Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association (CASPA) is now accepting applications for 2012 Scholastic and Special Achievement Award. The final award recipients will be notified before October 1st, 2012. The awards will be presented at the CASPA Annual Conference Dinner Banquet on October 13th, 2012.

Following a long-standing tradition of pursuing excellence and community service, CASPA has established this award program to encourage and recognize the outstanding scholastic and special achievements of children of its members. Selection criteria will be based on a balanced achievement of applicants' academic accomplishments, participation in extracurricular activities, and contributions in community services. Each scholarship award winner will be invited to attend CASPA 2012 Annual Conference Banquet, and receive a Plaque of Merit with a check award.

All applicants must meet the following qualifications:

a) Children of active CASPA members who are either lifetime members or have memberships in good standing for at least one year up to September 2012.

b) High school senior in September 2012 (i.e. Class of 2012 only)


All applicants must submit the following documents:

1. A completed application form (either with the attached form on page 2 or downloaded from caspa website

2. A passport type personal photo (to be published in CASPA Annual Conference Proceedings)

3. A copy of high school transcript and SAT1 score report

4. A personal essay in one of the following titles (no more than 300 words in MS Word format):

§ "My Interests, Goals, and Accomplishments", or

§ "Why should I be awarded a CASPA Student Scholarship?"

5. An information page (use the template on page 3 or download from of brief summary of honors and awards received, offices of student organizations held, extracurricular activities, various community services involved, volunteer work experiences, etc.


Method of delivery (a or b):

a) E-mail the complete package in digital format to Mr. Dahkwang Yeh (

b) Send the complete package (1) – (5) to CASPA Student Scholarship Committee, c/o Mr. Dahkwang Yeh, 1159 Sonora Court, Suite 105, Sunnyvale, CA 94086.


The deadline for the application is

September 22, 2012 (postmarked). The award committee will notify the applicants its decision before October 6, 2012. For more information, please contact CASPA Student Scholarship Award Committee representative: Mr. Dahkwang Yeh (


CASPA 2012 Student Scholarship Application Form

Date: ____________________

Student’s Name: (last) ___________ (first) __________ (middle) _________ (Chinese) ____________

Name of School Attending: ____________________________________________________________

School Address: _____________________________________________________________________

GPA (un-weighted): Freshman ______; Sophomore ______; Junior ______; Average: ______

GPA (weighted): Freshman ______; Sophomore ______; Junior ______; Average: ______

SAT1: Total score _________

Parents’ Name (must be a CASPA member by October 2011 thru now or a CASPA lifetime member): Father (last) __________ (first) __________ (middle) ____________ (Chinese) __________________

Mother (last) __________ (first) __________ (middle) ___________ (Chinese) __________________

Home Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Home Telephone: ___________________________; E-mail :_________________________________

Required Attachments:

1) One copy of school transcript and SAT1 score report

2) An essay with the title of (no more than 300 words,): softcopy is required

"My Interests, Goals, and Accomplishments",


"Why should I be awarded a CASPA Student Scholarship?"

3) A passport–sized personal photo (digitized photo is required)

4) A completed Personal Information Page Form (softcopy is required)



CASPA 2012 Student Achievement & Scholarship Award

Your name here - Information Page




Your name

Your photo

Parents’ names

Your high school name

Your academic and extracurricular achievements: (Listed below are some suggested examples)Sunday Friends volunteering: project/program leader (200+ hrs.)

Speech & debate:

Original oratory, humorous interpretation (various awards & distinctions)

Charger Account:

School newspaper – writer

Certificate of Merit:

Advanced level – piano

San Jose Youth Symphony:

Philharmonic (senior) orchestra – cello

CSF & NHS service clubs:

Project coordinator

Governor's Scholar Award

Community services