2019 CASPA Members Survey with Rewards
Aug 17, 2019

Dear CASPA Members and Subscribers,  

To serve our Members, Corporate Sponsors, and Guests more effectively, CASPA's Board of Directors are looking for ways to understand the needs of our Members and Guests.    

Please take a few minutes to fill this survey out as much as you can.  Your input is valuable, which would help us serve you better.    

We will send the member ID again through email to the life time members once you send us the feedback, this is for your convenience to join any CASPA event.   

The survey due day is 9/1/2019 11:59PM, we will also pick two winners to honor the CASPA rewards 

  • For Life Time Members - One winner will be invited to join the 2019 CASPA Annual Conference and Dinner Banquet event for free (Value of $145) 
  • For Non- Life Time Members - One winner will become CASPA Life Time Member for free (Value of $100)  

Please don't repeat filling the form if you have done already.  We appreciate your help and support!

Link of the survey