CASPA eLetter: No. 177, December 15, 2019
Dec 15, 2019

Chairman's Words

Dear Corporate sponsors, CASPA Members, and Friends,

When we had 2019 CASPA annual conference and dinner banquet, we celebrated CASPA's 28th anniversary. 28 years ago, several Chinese American engineers in the Bay area got together and decided to do something to serve the semiconductor community. This inspiring idea, like a seed, was planted in the rich innovative soil of Silicon Valley. It led to the founding of the non-profit organization, CASPA - Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association. In the past 28 years, CASPA's history also coincided with the Golden Age of the semiconductor industry. CASPA has helped and also witnessed how the technology industry has fundamentally changed our lives in an amazing way.

Throughout the years, CASPA has gone through many ups and downs, and had experienced various changes; however, its mission has never changed. CASPA has served, and will continue to serve, as a great platform to promote technological innovation and bring everyone in the community together. Ten years ago, it was this same idea and the opportunity to serve our community that attracted me and led me on my long journey with CASPA.

Now as CASPA's new president, taking over the symbolic seal, I feel that it is a great honor with many challenges. CASPA's primary goal is to serve the semiconductor professional community, to promote technological innovations, and to connect Silicon Valley to the rest of the world. The success of CASPA relies on the great support and recognition from the high tech industry and semiconductor community. Therefore, in this coming year, I want to put my focus on providing better services to our individual and corporate members. This goal will be carried out in the following four areas:

First of all, we will continue to use our symposiums and conferences as the platform to help both our individuals and corporate members. It will provide opportunities to learn and share different opinions, to discuss the technology development trends, to identify the market demands, and to motivate our industry and engineers on technology innovations.

Secondly, we will resume the CASPA Job Fair event to assist our corporate sponsors to find the talent they need, and to help our individual members to explore new career opportunities.

Thirdly, we will organize various types of seminars to address the needs of our individual members ranging from special technology to financial planning or from legal info to personal soft skills development.

Last, but not least, we will continue to hold our Education Day event and scholarship program to motivate and help the next generation of our members to pursue higher education opportunities.

With all these well defined activities, we would like to bring the true value and benefit to our corporate and individual members, as well as our semiconductor community.

As you know, CASPA is a volunteer-based organization run by only 20 some board members and volunteers. However, in the bigger picture, CASPA does not only belong to us, the organizers. It should belong to everyone of us in this community. Our CASPA board members are merely the representatives who carry out and execute the daily tasks on behalf of our members. The success of CASPA will depend not only on the hard working of our board members, but also on the strong support from both our corporate sponsors and individual members. Only when we work closely together to care, nurture, and promote this organization, can the organization survive, grow and be beneficial to everyone in the community.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you in advance for your continuous help and support to CASPA for the coming year. I truly believe that with your great support, together, we can build a better community and make CASPA a strong, healthy and prosperous organization that belongs to all of us.

Sincerely yours,

Song Xue, Ph.D.
Chairman and President

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