CASPA eLetter: No. 186, April 30, 2020
Apr 30, 2020

Letter from the Editorial Board


CASPA and CAC Hand-in-Hand has jointly donated more than 2,500 medical/surgical masks, 350 N95/KN95 masks, 350 face shields, 55 goggles, 300 pack of wipes and 10 coverall suits to Northeast Medical Services, Courtyard Care Center, Good Samaritan Hospital, El Camino Hospital, and several individual doctors and nurses in the Bay Area


Dear eLetter readers,

CASPA continues its momentum in PPE donation and makes new progress every week. Our recent joint effort with CAC Hand-in-Hand (Chinese American Community — also a non-profit organization) has seen a snow ball effect. Together, we have found several reliable sources of PPE suppliers. And with the generous monetary donations we have received, we were able to purchase high quality PPEs and import them through secure and efficient channels. We have collected the most needed PPEs such as face masks, face shields, goggles and coverall suits. One of our latest in-bound shipments contained 20,000 medical/surgical masks, and we quickly distributed out to local hospitals, nursing homes and individual doctors and nurses in the Bay Area. 

The number of volunteers are growing, and the volunteers bring more volunteers and formed different functional sub-groups, such as “DIY gown sewist group” and “New York support group”. The DIY gown sewist group receives the materials from a local organization Sewing 4 Good and sew the protective gowns at home by following the given instructions. The New York support group has already shipped a large quantity of PPEs from our storage unit to their New York counter part and distributed to the needed hospitals. 

It’s not over until it’s over! This is a tremendous effort we’re putting out. People are doing everything they can to help other people across the country who they don’t and may never know. If you are interested in joining the great effort to bend the curve and help our community recover from the disaster faster, please feel free to contact us at:

Thank you for your kind consideration. Stay safe.

Allen Liu, on behalf of CASPA's COVID-19 response team

Semiconductor News

DateTitle (Chinese)Title (English)
芯片备胎计划Chip "Backup" Plan
4/12/2020GaAs PA还有未来吗?Is there a future for GaAs PA?  
4/12/2020RDA系创业公司盘点:本土射频的半壁江山RDA Series companies: Tale of Domestic RF
4/12/2020日本10年关闭36座晶圆厂背后The story behind Japan's closure of 36 Fabs in a decade
4/12/2020半导体设备厂最新排名,美日绝对垄断The US and Japan have an absolute monopoly on semiconductor equipment manufacturers

CASPA Co-host Event

Gracious Life Foundation and CABS Co-Host the following event 

Topic: COVID-19 Pandemic Requires Global Collaboration

US Pacific Time: May 2, 2020, 5:00pm-7:00pm,

China Beijing Time: May 3, 2020, 8:00am-10:00am


Event register here:

A Dialogue Among Frontline Physicians Battling COVID-19 in China and the United States 

COVID-19 Challenge: Diagnosis and Treatment in Clinic Practice in Wuhan

Current COVID-19 epidemiology features in US and California

First-hand clinical experiences from China and US hospitals

A story of converting an academic lab into a COVID-19 test lab



(This event will be broadcast to you through Zoom Conference; agenda is based on US Pacific Time)

5:00pm - 5:05pm Introduction to CABS, Dr. Carrie Wang, President-elect of CABS

5:05pm - 5:10pm Introduction to GLF, Dr. Weixing Chen, President of Gracious Life Foundation

5:10pm - 5:30pm COVID-19 Challenge: Diagnosis and Treatment in Clinic Practice Dr. Fengming Luo, Professor of Respiratory Therapy, West China Medical School

5:30pm - 5:45pm COVID-19 Epidemiology in USA and California, Dr. Zuo-Feng Zhang, Professor of Epidemiology, UCLA

5:45pm - 6:00pm Talk title TBD, Dr. Michael Bernstein, Pulmonologist, Stamford Hospital Connecticut

6:00pm - 6:15pm How to Setup a Pop-up SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostic Testing Facility at a University without a Medical School in Just Three Weeks Dr. Lea Witkowsky, Policy Analyst, UC Berkeley

6:15pm - 7:00pm Panel Discussion.

Moderator: Dr. Hua Jiang, Infectious Disease Specialist, Methodist Hospital of Southern California

Panelists: Dr. Fengming Luo, Dr. Zuo-Feng Zhang and Dr. Michael Bernstein, Dr. Lea Witkowsky.

Alliance Events

Time: 05/13/2020


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