CASPA eLetter: No. 189, June 15, 2020
Jun 15, 2020

Semiconductor News

DateTitle (Chinese)Title (English)
台积电的艰难一役TSMC's arduous battle
6/13/2020王东升再创业,剑指联发科、海思?BOE's founder has started his new chip business  
6/13/2020“真金白银”砸出来的美国半导体The US semiconductor industry built from "real gold"
6/13/2020ASML的三兄弟往事The legend of Arthur del Prado, founder of ASML
6/13/2020美国芯片行业的“贵人”The enablers of the US semiconductor industry
6/13/2020华为芯片,路在何方?Which way will Huawei go?
6/13/2020从中芯国际招股说明书看到的Observations from SMIC's prospectus

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Fight Against COVID-19 in US


CASPA and CAC Hand-in-Hand have jointly donated more than 2,500 medical/surgical masks, 350 N95/KN95 masks, 350 face shields, 55 goggles, 300 pack of wipes and 10 coverall suits to Northeast Medical Services, Courtyard Care Center, Good Samaritan Hospital, El Camino Hospital, and several individual doctors and nurses in the Bay Area by April 30, 2020.

Dear CASPA members and friends,

Our PPE donation effort is still on-going. We have extended our distribution to New York, and the total number of donated PPEs has already exceeded 20,000. More information about our stories can be found on our website.

 Click here to donate through our web page or other ways you can help

Thank you in advance for your generous support.

Allen Liu, Head of IT, on behalf of CASPA board members

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Summary of Past CASPA Major Events

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