CASPA eLetter: No. 209, April 15, 2021
Apr 15, 2021

President's Words

Dear Members,

The global semiconductor industry is expected to witness significant growth in the near future. Based on the report from The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), the global semiconductor industry sales were $39.6 billion for the month of February 2021, an increase of 14.7% over the February 2020. The best is yet to come.

The 2021 CASPA Virtual job fair will be held Saturday, May 15, 1:00- 5:00 PM, online via Zoom. It will be free for all CASPA corporate sponsors and job seekers. For other employers who would like to participate, please contact for further information.

The financial seminar will be held on April 24. The author of The Insider’s Guide to Risk Management, Dr.David M Rowe, will give a talk on “Risk Management and Options”. Welcome to register at

Also, for those who are interested in applying for a CASPA scholarship for their Senior High school kids (by Oct 2021) this year,  please make sure to join CASPA life membership before April 16 to be eligible. Our lifetime individual membership is only $100 and there is a limited time 50% discount for college students (till the end of June 2021). Please visit the website to join. 

Best Regards,

Xiaodong Zhang

President and Chairman, CASPA

CASPA Events

Financial Seminar: Risk Management and Options

Date: April 24, 2021 Sat. 4:00 - 6:00PM PST

Details: click here!

Registration: click here!

This webinar presents the basic concept that underlies option pricing without recourse to mathematics such as the Black-Scholes Formula. This is intended for those with little or no knowledge of options valuation and trading who would like to dispel some of the mystery that too often surrounds this activity. It also may be of interest to those involved in option trading and risk management who would like an approach to clarifying this activity to their general business colleagues.

CASPA Virtual Job Fair

Date: May 15, 2021 Sat. 1:30 – 5:10 PM PST

Details: click here!

Registration: click here!

CASPA is hosting the highly anticipated Job Fair once again! This year, we have attracted several high-tech companies such as TSMC, Future Wei, Silicon Motion, eTopus and more to join this recruitment event. Please check our website for updated event details and mark your calendar for Saturday, May 15th from 1:30 - 5:10 PM PST. This event will be hosted online via Zoom.

Semiconductor News

DateTitle (Chinese)Title (English)
英特尔无法成为台积电Intel can't become TSMC
4/13/2021存储市场的新变数New uncertainties in IC storage market
4/13/2021这个低调的市场原来对于芯片制造良率如此重要!This unremarkable market turned out to be so important for chip manufacturing yield!
4/13/20215nm芯片江湖要变天?Will 5nm chip field change greatly?
4/13/2021以色列芯片实力浮出水面Israel's chip strength emerges
4/13/2021芯片行业啥都缺,就是不缺投资人Semiconductor industry lacks nothing but investors
4/13/2021博通:我不再重要了?Broadcom: not important anymore?
4/13/2021芯片产能短缺“假象”Is chip capacity shortage an an "illusion"?

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Thank you for your kind attention and generous support. We look forward to seeing you at CASPA events.


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