• Responsible for the integration of new version Android and the overall performance optimization and improvement;
  • Analyze and solve reference R &D platform issues
  • Debug peripheral driver and HAL of reference platform;
  • Solve issues of APK and system compatibility as well as GMS certification
  • Develop application APK

Job Qualifications

  • Major in Computer or Electronics related, bachelor or above;
  • Proficient in C/C++ and JAVA;
  • Have Android platform development experience, be familiar with Android OS system architecture, framework and the underlying library;
  • Familiar with the development and debugging of Linux’ kernel;
  • Be familiar with ARM processor architecture and have knowledge in embedded hardware;
  • Clear logic thinking, pressure-resistance and responsibility
  • Cooperate with implementation, validation and application team to do test case creation, debugging, performance regression and application training.

Qualifications candidate should have:

  • Innovative, energetic and passion in top algorithm design in cameraand ISP parts.
  • BS/MS/PHD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Math or related STEM.
  • Knowledge and experience in signal processing, image processing, camera pipeline, 3A algorithm, Computer Vision Engineand related fields.
  • Industry experience in camera andISP related pipeline is a plus.
  • Daily use of C/Python/matlab for emulation environment setup and improvements.
  • Good problem solving and communication skills.

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