The SOC peripherals include USB, PCIe, eMMC, NAND/Nor, ethernet, Wifi, HDMI, security and more, they are used to communicate with other device. We are seeking excellent and potential ASIC design engineers to implement the world’s leading peripheral IPs


As a key member of SOC and peripheral team, you will be responsible for the implementation the SOC system and peripherals.  Detailed responsibilities may include, but not be limited to:



Documentation of design specifications

  • Use design specification to do RTL digital design and verification.
  • Cooperate with backend team to do synthesis, and timing check, power analyses.


Qualifications candidate should have:

  • BS/MS/PHD in Electrical Engineering
  • Fluent in RTL design with Verilog/System Verilog, synthesis and timing closure.
  • Good problem solving and communication skills.



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