Jobfair2022 Futurewei

1:15-2:25 pm Hiring company introduction Session
2:30-4:50 pm Individual Company Interactive Session
3:50-4:50 pm Career Growth Seminar for all attendees

* Zoom links will be provided before the event for registered attendees.
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* Individual Company Interactive Session can be extended to 5:30 pm if the company wants

Get to know FUTUREWEI

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Founded in 2001, Futurewei Technologies is dedicated to pursuing openness in Research & Development (R&D) by embracing Open Innovation Model. We strive to share ideas and knowledge with technology communities to open and new business opportunities.

Futurewei maintains ongoing, in-depth collaboration with  forward-thinking companies around the world in multiple domains. Our experts have been actively engaged in standard programs throughout these past two decades.

We are active in open-source communities as part of our ongoing efforts to build out the industry and cultivate an ecosystem that promotes shared success, we participate the next generation standards for wireless and networks; and we building open ecosystems through open app platforms for ICT systems.