2017 Jobfair

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Huawei is looking for
SSD Firmware Architect , SSD System Chief Architect , Chief Technology Officer of Solid State Drive
  . Aug 21, 2017
TSMC is looking for
Customer Support Specialist
  San Jose, California Jul 31, 2017
TSMC is looking for
7nm-3nm RD Engineer, 10nm Manufacturing Process/Integration Engineer, etc
  Taiwan Feb 20, 2017
Huawei is looking for
Senior Architect for Cloud Security, Senior Software Engineer, etc.
  USA Feb 16, 2017
Intel is looking for
Senior Project Manager, Construction Project Manager, etc.
  Dalian PRC Dec 5, 2016
ZTE is looking for
Principal Physical Design/Timing/VLSI Technology Engineer, etc.
  USA Nov 14, 2016
Ayar Labs, Inc. is looking for
  San Francisco, CA Aug 8, 2016
TSMC is looking for
RD Module Manager, Advanced Transistor Research Manager, etc.
  Taiwan Aug 4, 2016
Silicon Motion, Inc is looking for
SSD Firmare Applications Engineer, Europe Sales Manager/OEM Sales Manager
   Milpitas, CA Jun 23, 2016
XMC is looking for
Chip Architecture, NAND Design, SSD Controller Design, etc.
  USA Jun 17, 2016