Oregon/Portland Chapter

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Portland/Oregon Chapter Duty:

  1. Provide networking and business expansion for corporate sponsors and individual members;
  2. Facilitate collaboration and communication among professionals and companies in the semiconductor industry in the form of salon, workshop, symposium and job fairs;
  3. Promote the welfare of the chapter members by supporting their interests;
  4. Exchange information regarding job opportunities and career development globally.

Dr. Yanjie (Jay) Wang 王彦杰 is the President of CASPA Portland/Oregon Chapter. He is currently a staff research scientist at Intel Labs of Intel Corporation. His research interests are mainly focus on mm-wave/RF/Analog Integrated circuits and systems. He is an IEEE senior member and has served as the Technical Program Committee/Subcommittee Chair for two prestigious IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium (RFIC) and IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC). He has authored a book chapter, published over 40 technical papers and holds several US patents.

Portland/Oregon Chapter Initial Members: 

President: Dr. Yanjie (Jay) Wang 王彦杰

Affiliation: Intel Corporation

Email: jaywangcaspa@gmail.com

Mr. Jue Shi 石珏

Affiliation: Maxim

Email: jueshi@gmail.com

Mr. Shang Hao 商灏

Affiliation: Intel Corporation

Email: shanghao@hotmail.com

Dr. Renzhi Liu 刘仁直

Affiliation: Intel Corporation

Email: Renzhi.liu@intel.com

Mr. Changgeng Xi 席长庚

Affiliation: Intel Corporation

Email: changgeng.xi@intel.com

Mr. Yan Luo 罗兖

Affiliation: Synopsys

Email: roy.yan.lu@gmail.com

Ms. Olena Zhu

Affiliation: Intel Corporation

Email: olena.j.zhu@intel.com

Mr. Jianping Wen 文建平

Affiliation: Intel Corporation

Email: jpwen@hotmail.com

Dr. Chenjie Gu 顾晨杰

Affiliation: Intel Corporation

Email: Chenjie.gu@gmail.com

Dr. Yong Hei 黑勇

Affiliation: Chinese Academy of Sciences