Game of 5G – History, Real Situation, Future and Conflict


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In this keynote speech, Dai Hui (Steve Dai), an information technology researcher, will share with you a breif history of mobile communication, the reality and the future of 5G, and where the conflict between the two may originate. Based on lessons learned from 3G, we have come to know that for 5G, it’s imperative for the world to build the same specifications, and develop the chipset and affordable mobile phone as soon as possible. Consumer market is still the major driving force of 5G, including that for streaming video, short videos, and cloud-based games. The 5G-based industrial applications and IoT are still on the road, with limited probability in the near future. However, 5G is the biggest driving force of mobile phone and chipset industry in recent years, and patent-licensing models continue. Apple, Qualcomm, and numerous chipset manufactures benefit from these trends. WIFI 6, satellite, and existing 4G are all conflicting factors for 5G development. Open RAN is threatening the existing vendors. SA/NSA, millimeter wave/sub 6GHz are influencing 5G deployment.


Dai Hui (Steve Dai, 戴辉) has been an independent ICT (information and communication technology) history and strategy researcher since 2014. His research covers 1G-5G, cloud computing, mobile phone, chip set, operation system, etc. He is also a consultant to technology startups in China.

Steve Dai has over 20 years of experience in international sales, business development, and merger and acquisition analysis. He holds a bachelor degree from China’s Southeast University and a master degree from China’s Sun Yat’sen University. He successfully predicted in 2004 that GSM would continued to grow in developing countries for a long time, while many believed GSM would phase out and 3G would arrive soon. This prediction, together with GSM network-swapping marketing strategy, had important influences on technological development in the world.







WIFI 6,卫星,乃至现有的4G都和5G有一定的技术冲突。SA / NSA,毫米波/sub 6GHz等不同的选择也在影响5G部署。Open RAN可以用于运营商和行业,还是有机会的。