14 Sep: CASPA 2021 Annual Conference

Oct 16, 2021 | CASPA invites you to attend our 2021 Virtual Annual Conference on Saturday, October 16th, 2021 via Zoom. This Conference is a signature annual event for CASPA and has been well attended by the semiconductor professionals and executives from the Bay Area and worldwide.


04 Sep: RISC-V Summit

Dec 6, 2021 | Event description: RISC-V Summit brings the community together to show the power open collaboration can have on the processor industry. The audience spans across industries, organizations, workloads, and geographies to learn about the technology advancements in the RISC-V ecosystem and visibility of RISC-V successes.


04 Sep: SEMI Strategic Materials Conference (SMC) 2021: “MATERIALS INNOVATION FOR THE NEXT DECADE”

Sep 27, 2021 | The Strategic Materials Conference—SMC attracts an influential audience from every segment of the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The event offers comprehensive in-depth content and unprecedented networking opportunities for professionals who share common strategic objectives for the extended electronics ecosystem.