Career Development journey from engineering to management

CIE EECS Leadership Seminar in Technical Series is On!

Intend to expand your career strategy toolkit?
Unsure about your next step in developing leadership?
Curious about how to jumpstart in a new IT field or role?

In this seminar, Steve will share his experience in setting goals for career development and leadership. He will review his personal journey in creating and implementing action plans to support career elevation during opportunity or challenge. From him, you can learn new ideas and principles to navigate your career path, and increase your overall satisfaction and wellbeing at work.

Steve has lived and worked in Silicon Valley since 1990. He started out as a materials engineer, riding the IT boom
in personal computers. He quickly moved up the career ladder from first-line, second-line manager to junior director to executive director until Chief Technologist in 2005 and Vice President
of Seagate Technology, Research & Development in 2006.

In addition to IT technologies, he also has a great interest in leadership, management, and technology innovation, and has written three books on leadership, management, and technology innovation in Chinese.

Look forward to spending an enlightening night with you.


DATE: November 18th, 2021 Thursday


TIME: 8:00PM-9:30PM PST


SPEAKER: Steve Hwang, Former VP of Seagate Technology
Speech Title: 
Career Development Journey from Engineering to Management