The Impact of COVID-19 on H-1B and Employment Based Immigration


CASPA Online Seminar:

Topic: The Impact of COVID-19 on H-1B and Employment Based Immigration

Speaker: Lihua Tan, Partner, Chugh, LLP.

Venue: Online Seminar (Cisco WebEx Link)

Date: 5/14/2020, 6:30PM—7:30PM


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Lihua Tan, Esq.

Ms. Lihua Tan is a Partner and Senior Immigration Attorney at the Silicon Valley office of Chugh, LLP. She is specialized in immigration and international practice and has 15 years of extensive experience in counseling clients on all matters of US immigration and nationality law. Her corporate clients range from startups to multi-national enterprises. She also conducts immigration compliance audits, provides due diligence consultation on immigration issues in mergers, acquisitions and takeovers.

In this seminar, Ms. Tan will cover topics including but not limited to the followings:

1. Did COVID-19 impact the FY2021 H-1B Cap selection and filings?

2. Are there any issues if H-1B workers work from home?

4. Can an employer reduce the work hours and/or wages of H-1B employees?

5. Does every H-1B employee have 60 days grace period after the termination of the employment?

6. Can companies continue with the Green Card process for employees? How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect that?

7. Did President’s Proclamation on April 22, 2020 affect H-1B workers and employment based Green Card applications?

8. Can H-1B workers apply for unemployment benefits and/or taking advantage of COVID-19 stimulus benefits? Will getting these benefits be considered public charge and affect their Green Card applications?



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