CASPA eLetter: No. 205, February 15, 2021

President’s Words

Dear Members,

Happy Chinese New Year!
Based on the Lunar calendar, the year of Rat is finally over on February 11, 2021. We made it through the year of Rat and enter the year Ox. The Ox in the Chinese Zodiac is considered to be honest, determined, and reliable, which are the kind of traits we need for successes. Besides, the word “Ox” in Chinese also means “Awesome/Outstanding”, let’s go off the demons and start a year of opportunities!
Speaking of Opportunities, 2021 will become a year of opportunity for the semiconductor industry. According to CNBC, semiconductors are in short supply because of the big demand for electronics, including consumer electronics, automotive electronics, and data centers. Dr. Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD (CASPA’s sponsor), mentioned that it expects shortages through the first half of the year, at least. The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) predicts that global chip sales would grow 8.4% in 2021, a notable jump from 5.1% in 2020. Hopefully, 2021 will become an awesome year for our sponsors and members.
On the CASPA side, we will have an online law seminar on 2/27/2021 with the title “Early-stage Financing and Immigration Laws/H1B for Startups”. We have two experts from two well-known law firms to give us talks on the early-stage financing (such as preferred stock/convertible notes/SAFEs) for startups and the immigration laws/H1B policy update. Don’t miss it out!

Best Regards,

Xiaodong Zhang
President and Chairman, CASPA

CASPA Events

Law Seminar: Early-stage Financing and Immigration Laws/H1B for Startups

Date: Feb 27, 2021 Sat. 1:30pm – 3:30pm

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